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Increasing productivity
The effective use of pneumatic products will improve the performance of your production process. 94% of the high cost of energy required for compressed air production is the cost of heat lost in the compressor. It is essential to work sparingly with the compressed air resources. The use of energy saving compressed air nozzles or pneumatic tools will significantly reduce your consumption of compressed air. This again increases the productivity and economy of your processes.

Increasing quality
With its range of high quality products swepro empowers you to use customised solutions adapted to your production process, thereby enhancing the quality of your products. You have to invest in quality in order to produce quality!

Reducing noise
Noise is dangerous and may lead to irreparable damage to hearing. Protect your staff! By replacing an open tube with a nozzle in our range, the noise level will be lowered by 10 dB(A) at least. And what’s more, the human ear even perceives this as 50% reduction.

Saving energy costs
The design of our nozzles and blow guns increases the efficiency of using compressed air, making your process more effective. This translates to energy savings of up to 30-50% which your investment in the Silvent technology may generate. (see Technical notes)

Increasing safety
Compressed air is an energy medium found in virtually all sectors of industry. It is easily overlooked though, that the use of this technology also carries a risk of severe injury. The design of all the nozzles and blow guns in our range incorporates a high level of safety already. It is impossible, for example, to block the nozzle to the extent that the aperture is directly covered. The maximum back-pressure is therefore always below 210 kPa (30 psi).