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swepro revolutionizes the industrial impact wrench market with its new swepact impact wrenches.


The new swepact industrial impact wrench series from swepro, will be launched on the European market in February 2020. A completely new impact technology has been developed. The new SWEPACT™ impact wrenches represent the first major innovation after the development of the twin-hammer impact mechanism for more than 35 years and thus revolutionise the industrial impact wrench market. Thanks to the closed design of the patented impact mechanisms, the service life of the impact wrenches is extended by 80% and their maintenance intervals by 125% compared to comparable models with twin-hammer impact mechanisms. Lubrication via a grease nipple is completely eliminated. Additionally, the industrial impact wrenches are vibration and noise reduced.

Service life extended by 80% and maintenance intervals extended by 125%

The SWEPACT™ impact mechanisms are closed constructions in contrast to the standard twin-hammer impact mechanisms. The closed SWEPACT™ impact mechanisms prevent the grease from escaping. A optimized dispersion of the lubricant inside additionally protects the impact mechanism. These two factors increase the service life of the impact mechanism by 80%. Industrial impact wrenches are particularly low-maintenance. With maintenance intervals of 180 hours instead of the usual 80 hours, the required maintenance is reduced by more than half. Maintenance via grease nipples is completely eliminated. But not only the number of maintenance is reduced, also the maintenance itself is very easy. The SWEPACT™ impact wrenches are designed so that with a little practice they can be greased within 90 seconds. These factors reduce downtime to a minimum.

Up to 40% less vibration and 10% lower noise level

The closed design of the SWEPACT™ impact mechanisms and the use of an effective and bigger silencer reduce the noise level to 85 dB(A). In combination with the high-quality and innovative processing, vibration is reduced by up to 40% for the entire industrial impact wrench series. Between the vane motor and the SWEPACT™ impact wrench is a specially spring-mounted bearing, in the middle of which is a pin. This pin enables concentric power transmission between the motor and the impact mechanism. The newly developed, spring-mounted and concentric guide reduces the transmission of vibrations from the impact mechanism to the impact wrench and the user. These optimizations reduce the risk of health hazards due to noise or excessive vibrations. This allows a long-term use of the industrial impact wrenches.

User-friendly thanks to integrated left-handed mode

In the population, the proportion of left-handed people is about 10%. The ergonomics of the new SWEPACT™ industrial impact wrenches are designed for both left and right-handed users. The step adjustment of the new models can be converted to left-handed operation in a few simple steps. The same device can be used by both left- and right-handed users without sacrificing either comfort or functionality.

Three models for the different screw connections

The new swepact industrial impact wrench series consists of three models. With a short and fast model (L:108 mm; ½") with a working torque of 720 Nm (after 5 sec., forward), a compact and durable model (L:162 mm; ½") with 910 Nm (after 5 sec., forward) and a large and powerful model (L:187 mm, ¾") with 1.690 Nm (after 5 sec., forward) the new swepro impact wrenches cover a wide range of all industrial screwing applications.

About the swepro Group

As a specialised supplier of compressed air technology, the swepro group optimises a wide range of applications for industrial customers. Thanks to its wide range of compressed air technology, air tools, powerful electrostatic products and spray nozzles, swepro is able to provide optimal solutions for individual customer requirements throughout Europe. In addition to the high quality and occupational safety of its products, swepro group also stands for industry-specific advice and comprehensive services.

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