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Pro One Safety Air Gun: Safe, Ergonomic, Quiet


In September 2017, swepro is launching the new safety air gun Pro One in the European market. This gun is miles ahead of other safety air guns. From the nozzle to the handle, each component of the new gun is designed for safe, ergonomic and easy operation, which makes it much easier for the user to work with compressed air. Although it hasn’t launched yet, the product has already won several awards, confirming the harmony between the lightweight, flexible and rugged design and the high-end Silvent technology.

New safety air gun reduces the workload for the user and prevents long-term health damage.

Many companies are sensitive to direct dangers like open pipes and airborne splinters, and take appropriate precautions in the workplace. However, creeping health hazards from continuous, improper work movements often go underestimated. The repetitive movements lead to an increase in the working load on the user. In the long term, this can also lead to postural damage and massive joint problems. In the end, companies are forced to deal with reduced workloads and employee absences due to injury and illness.

In order to prevent these negative and cost-intensive effects on a lasting basis, the entire Pro One concept was designed for the simple, ergonomic operation of a safety air gun. For example, the newly developed handle can be held in various ways, which prevents a single-sided loading of individual tendon and muscle parts. The robust handle also has a very long service life in the industrial environment, so there is no danger from chipping parts or breaking edges. The easy-to-operate, infinitely variable operation of the lever allows the user to control the compressed air in a simple, controlled and accurate manner. With max. 78 dB (A), the noise of the safety air gun has also been reduced significantly.

Design with brains: developed by users, for users

The new safety gun was developed with users from the industry. Early in the development, swepro carried out extensive user studies to identify their needs. From there, the company developed a prototype, which was also tested thoroughly by users. This was followed by further surveys and further developments, which showed that swepro needed to ensure suitability for differently sized hands, for example. The Pro One emerged from this multi-level, two-way process. The fact that the Pro One has achieved a perfect symbiosis between design and functionality is confirmed by the awards it has received: the Reddot Design Award 2017 and the International Design Excellence Award 2017 (bronze).

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