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Marcus Droste is the new CEO of Swedex GmbH Industrieprodukte


Swedex GmbH Industrieprodukte announces that Marcus Droste has been appointed as the new CEO of the company. Mr. Droste has over 10 years of experience in the company, where he served as a strategic buyer. With his long-term expertise, Mr. Droste will continue to lead the company successfully. 

"We are very pleased to welcome Marcus Droste as the new CEO of Swedex GmbH Industrieprodukte," said shareholding CEO Andreas Lázár. "Mr. Droste has proven in recent years to be an integral part of the team and has a deep understanding of the industries and customers of our company. We are confident that he will successfully develop the company further." 

Mr. Droste takes over the succession from Mr. Lázár, who is leaving the operational management to take on new challenges in the parent company Swedex Holding GmbH. 

"I am looking forward to taking on the responsibility as CEO of Swedex GmbH Industrieprodukte," said Mr. Droste. "We have a great team and I am confident that we will work together to drive the growth of the company." 

Swedex GmbH Industrieprodukte is a leading manufacturer of industrial products based in Germany. The company specializes in the development and production of high-quality tools, antistatic products, spray nozzles and pneumatic nozzles for the manufacturing industry. With Mr. Droste as the new CEO, the company will further strengthen its position in the industry and develop innovative and sustainable solutions for its customers.