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All good things come in threes? Not quite! Swepro expands their existing SWEPACT™ industrial impact wrench series with 3 more models!


The new SWEPACT™ industrial impact wrench series is extended with three additional 1" models. These are the compact SWEPACT™ models SW SP5410, SW SP5510 & SW SP5510-6. The already known features of the previous SWEPACT™ models are reflected in the new 1" models. The SWEPACT™ impact wrenches can loosen demanding 1“ bolts of up to already loosen demanding 1“ bolted joints of up to 3390 Nm. With the increase of the application time to 9 seconds, even bolts with up to 3800 NM are loosened.

The SWEPACT 1" industrial impact wrench series also offers extended tool life, longer maintenance intervals, reduced vibration, lowered sound levels and comfortable and easy handling.

Due to the thoughtful design of the SWEPACT models, the impact wrenches do not tend to tilt forward during use, thus ensuring comfortable working. On the SW SP5410 gun model, the direction switch with step adjustment is located directly on the trigger of the impact wrench, so that the user does not have to take his 2nd hand from the additional handle on the side to operate the step/direction adjustment.

In addition, the 1" SWEPACT models have a closed impact mechanism which continuously provides lubrication to the impact jaws and ensures permanent lubrication. These two factors increase the service life of the impact mechanism by 80%. Furthermore, the SWEPACT models are particularly low-maintenance. With maintenance intervals of up to 180 hours instead of the usual 80 hours, the required maintenance is reduced by more than half. The SWEPACT™ industrial impact wrench series has up to 40% less vibration. reduced vibration and the use of an effective silencer reduces the sound level to 103 dB(A), thus sustainably improving the user's working environment.

Advantages of the swepro SWEPACT 1" models at a glance:

Low maintenance
Reduced - noise

The swepro SWEPACT series at a glance:

SW SP5410 SWEPACT™ Industrial Impact Wrench

1" | 2.305Nm | 6,8 kg
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SW SP5510 SWEPACT™ Industrial Impact Wrench

1" | 2.440Nm
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SW SP5510-6 SWEPACT™ Industrial Impact Wrench

1" | 2.440Nm | 6" ext. anvil
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Only those who test our SWEPACT™ impact wrenches understand what we are talking about! We will be happy to advise you!