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Silvent 396
  • Replaces open tubeØ 12 mm
  • Noise reduction85 %
  • Air-/ cost savings32 %
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Silvent 396

Air curtains

SILVENT 396: air knife with six 920 A flat nozzles and a specially designed aluminum manifold. Air knives have been installed in a wide range of industrial applications. Cooling rollers, drying tobacco, dispersion of powdered paint, blow-off of emulsions, etc. are but a few. Creates an air cone spread of 370 mm (14.57") at a distance of 150 mm (6"). Blowing force = 33.0 N (116.5 oz). Fully complies with OSHA safety regulations and EU Machine Directive noise limitations. Patented.


Silvent 396 Air curtains
Item number 733918
Air consumption 180 Nm³/h
Air connection 3/8 "
Sound 89 dB(A)
Blowing Power 33 N
Dimensions LxWxH 297 x 23 x 95 mm
Material Zinc
Air pattern Flat