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Exceptional balance: SW C5644 Mini Impact Wrench


Hard on the heels of last year’s success of the SW C5144, swepro launched in Spring 2018 a new, innovation-driven Mini Impact Wrench on the European market to considerably facilitate work in industrial environments. Features such as light weight, low vibration and an ergonomically shaped handle will allow single-handed use even in particularly confined spaces. The compact design will render hard to reach and narrow production situations particularly easy to master. Working efficiency will increase and workload and the risk of consequential damage will be clearly reduced.

New Mini Impact Wrench clearly reduces workload to also prevent long-term damage

The SW C5644 distinguishes itself by surprisingly easy handling. Because the compact design positions the centre of gravity of the wrench directly above the user’s wrist it will, unlike most impact wrenches, not tend to tip down. Working with the SW C5644 is thus less tiring and more gentle on the wrist. Working with impact wrenches with centres of gravity further forward may in time lead to serious injury to the wrist and to hand, arm and shoulder musculature. This could lead to lengthy staff absence in the worst case. Apart from the optimal weight distribution of the impact wrench, its light composite enclosure and soft ergonomic handle offer additional convenience of use. The SW C5644 impact wrench is therefore far more user friendly and gentle on the joints than comparable products.

Highly effective even when working in confined situations

The SW C5644 is more powerful than its compact design suggests and sports excellent industrial quality. Even the most stubborn screwed connections, tightened at up to 2 000 Nm, will surrender in less than 12 seconds. The compact design allows the wrench to be used in particularly confined working situations, where the size of other wrenches precludes their use. The SW C5644 therefore sports particular flexibility of use, for instance for assembly and maintenance in vehicle construction. The low maintenance of the impact wrench is another favourable factor. The double hammer mechanism requires lubrication via the grease nipple at 60 operating hour intervals only, with no need to open the enclosure. This reduces wrench downtime during production, with time saving effects to improve economy of operation. Selected materials, high quality and low maintenance will allow intensive use of the device in its many applications.

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